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Resenha: Underground Resistance – Interestellar Fugitives (1998)


Interestellar Fugitives is the second full album by Underground Resistance. With 15 tracks from different acts – all filiated to the organization – this one works as a decomonstration of what UR is as an organic collective of techno musicians. Note that the album also features tracks from Underground Resistance, which consists at this year of Mad Mike Banks, one of the co-founders of the collective, along with Jeff Mills and Robert Hood who left it in 92. The three of them, and the other acts featured on IF, are very representative of the  second wave of detroit techno.
The only of the co-founders I know the solo work is  Robert Hood, who plays minimal techno and has a solid discgraphy banging raw electronic music in the 90’s.

Some of the artists featured on IF have a consistent and long work, like Suburban Knight and Drexciya. The others however  had  some EP’s or only singles, with some of them released by the UR label itself. Nonetheless the tracks are all killers. Probably because the great amount of artists featured, only very solid tunes were selected.

Tracks like Afrogermanic by Chaos show that mechanic side of futuristic electro music, very tight beats; Something Happened On Dollis Hill by The Infiltrator is most like an atmospheric breakbeat song; DJ Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic presents a very groovy tune with a robot speaking in spanish – since Rolando R Rocha lived in a Hispanic disctric in Detroit. Drexciya has 2 tracks on the album: a short ambient piece called  “Interstellar Crime Report” which fades into the very representative of Drexciya’ds work as whole: Aquatacizem; The Infiltrator shines again with a very dark and droney ambient piece, UR on Mir.

According to the porpose of presenting the members of the collective, there’s this great folder.

ur1Note how Drexciya is described as “Undwerwater deployment of electronic funk bombs.”

Para admiradores de techno multi-camadas, motoriko, analógico e funky.